Rafael Pereda is a self-taught artist from Peru. He grew up in the little town of Viru by the ocean near the city of Trujillo, and has been practicing art since adolescence. “Nature is my inspiration, and the ocean is my muse. I grew up next to the ocean, it is in my blood.” He has sold hundreds of original pieces, many in large scale, which are displayed in the homes of collectors around the world. His painting style employs a unique application of paint to create texture and multi-dimensional effect in the epic waves and ocean vistas which are the primary focus of his work.

Although he has been living in the United States and practicing art for more than 30 years, Rafael discovered his current painting style while living in Maui. Rafael achieves great expression and vitality on large canvas that captivates and inspires the imagination. He uses only a single palette knife and alla prima technique (wet on wet), to create the confident layers that lend to his rich texture and highly illuminated works. Rafael says his approach reflects playfulness and fluidity, much like that of music and dance—another passion of his. “For me, it’s not a mechanical thing, it’s about following your joy, inspiration, and intuition.”